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We got a new promotion for the month of August!
All customers whose purchase reached a total of $80 and above will receive renewed Lululun mask as freebie!
Do note you will be getting a random variant.

Happy shopping! <3
We would like to inform everyone that shipping will be put on hold starting today until the 28th of July due to summer holidays. Rest assured that you will be informed via e-mail once shipment continues. Please bear with us for a while, we will make sure to send out your orders as soon as we get back.

Inquiries and product requests will still be entertained, just send us a DM on Instagram or e-mail us at

Thank you and have a great day everyone!
Kirei Station Manager
We would like to inform everyone that shipping will be put on hold starting today until the 6th of May due to holidays here in Japan. All post offices will be closed in that time frame.
Inquiries and product requests will still be entertained, just send us a DM on Instagram or e-mail us atĀ

Have a great day everyone!
Kirei Station Manager
Hello everyone!
If you have received our latest newsletter, you would know that we announced that we wouldn't be able to ship anything starting today, March 23 until March 31.
We are still taking orders and customer service will still function, however, orders made from today until 31st won't be shipped until the first day of April. We will try our best to ship everything on the 1st day of April.

We hope you understand and thank you for trusting us!
Have a nice day! šŸ˜Š
There will be a shipping delay on orders made today, December 28 until January 2, 2019.
Local post offices are closed during the days mentioned, all orders made within the said time frame will be shipped out on January 3 onwards.
An e-mail will be sent to you once your order has been shipped to you.

Happy new year! :)
We would like to inform our customers that all shipment bound to Canada will temporarily be put into a halt starting today until further notice due to Canada Post strike.

We will start looking into shipping there through DHL, an announcement will be made as soon as we confirm that we can use the said shipping courier. Downside is free shipping won't be applicable if you use DHL.

Thank you for understanding.
Have a good day ahead!

Good day everyone!
We always remind customers in e-mails that we are not going to be held responsible for lost parcels that are shipped via SAL.
Why? Because SAL doesn't include a tracking number hence why we won't be able to file a case for it in our local post office because for us to do so we will have to present a tracking number.
We've had very few complaints regarding SAL shipping but most of them received their products after a month hence why we tell customers to wait a bit more. We understand your frustration, if you want to avoid such situations please choose a shipping method that includes a tracking number.

This is also why after your purchase, we send another e-mail to remind you about the risk of opting for SAL shipping.
Such e-mail is sent to give you another chance to choose a much better and safer shipping method in which you have to pay for but in return you are guaranteed to get a tracking number.
In case your order got lost, we have a tracking number to present to the post office and they can track it for us.

If the post office confirmed that your parcel is indeed nowhere to be found, we will give you 3 options.
1.) A full refund, 2.) we will send your order again or 3.) the amount of your order will be converted to store points so you can choose the products you want in case you changed your mind about a certain product in your order.

Please do understand that we can't control shipping couriers.
We would also really appreciate it if you do not talk to us rudely and demand us to give you a tracking number or tell us we are being unreasonable for not giving you one if you choose SAL because the said shipping option doesn't include one. We never failed to remind you the risk of the said shipping option.
We are hoping for your understanding and patience.
Thank you and have a great day!
As we have mentioned in our previous newsletter and IG story, orders made from September 12 to 23 will be shipped on the 25th onward due to personal circumstances.
An e-mail will be sent to you once we have shipped your parcels.
Thank you! :)
It's not goodbye but see you later!
If you are subscribed to our newsletter then you are most likely already aware that we are down to the last 3 boxes for Getsu Box. The remaining boxes are October, November and December. We are closing our subscription box at the end of 2018 but as the title suggests, we are not officially bidding goodbye to Getsu box because it will be returning some time next year.
We have read multiple times that Getsu Box is the best jbeauty subscription box and we are sad that we have to put it to a rest for a while but it's for a good cause! We want to be even better to make you all happy!
In the meantime, you can make a one time purchase for the current Getsu Box which is the October box or subscribe for 3 months to receive the last 3 boxes at a discounted price!

October Getsu Box link:
3 Month Subscription link:

We hope you continue supporting the last 3 boxes! There is no exact date yet but Getsu Box will be back in 2019!

-Kirei Station Manager
Get your points doubled when you purchase on a Saturday according to JAPAN TIME ZONE.

A store point is normally equal to 1.50USD and you get 1 store point for every 10USD spent in our store.
Things get a bit more special for Saturday because you're points will be multiplied by 2.

For example,
On a normal day, your total purchase reached 100USD.
You will get 10 store points and that is equal to 15USD.
On a Saturday, your total purchase reached 100USD.
Your store points get doubled.
You will get 20 store points which is equal to 30USD.

All points you accumulated can be used in the next purchase. Earn store points now!
Hello everyone!

I'm bringing in good news today!
We will be having a 20% off sale on all items starting tomorrow until the 3rd of February.

A lot of skincare products have been added to the shop, these brands you may have not heard of before but it might be worth the try.

Here are the brands we added

Hadauru -
Moisturization is the most basic part of skin care for women, and that's what we emphasize in this series. Our focus in designing this line was to be easy on the skin as we help it retain moisture. These are products that you can use every day so that your skin stays moist and begins to take on new suppleness. Formulations are designed to minimize irritation for women with sensitive skin.

Leaf and Botanics -
This brand fruitfully brings the goodness of plants to your skin and your heart. Each of the items in this line, whether it be extracts containing the useful ingredients found in fruits and leaves or natural essential oils that embody the essential aromas of plants, provides different features and feels depending on your washing and care needs. They are a moment of calm and relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Kuramoto Bijin -
This series is made of skin-beautifying ingredients, such as Sanran's sake lees left over from sake production and oriental plant extracts. It is the ultimate balance of blended plant extract.

To see all the new products that have been added, go to this link:

Daiso toners and Muji products will be added tonight!
Expect more products to be added during the sale period, like the new Biore sunscreen and spring collections.

Another reason not to miss the sale is because we will be giving away 3 Minon Milk Face Mask.
It's a new mask that has captured the hearts of skin care lovers here in Japan despite it being newly released.
It was available for purchase here last January 22.
For those who do not know, Minon brand is popular among people with sensitive skin and it is also recommended by dermatologists here.

Thank you!

-Kirei Station Manager

We're welcoming new year with a bang as our monthly subscription box get even better than the previous two!
Receive a total of 8 new products when you purchase our first box for 2018. You will get to try more items ranging from skincare, make up, supplements, snacks and more!
Exciting, isn't it? To top all that we are also giving all our customers who will purchase or have purchased Getsu Box a chance to win a February Getsu Box, free of charge!

What to do to qualify? Simple!
Post a photo of the Getsu Box you bought (doesn't matter which month) in any of your social media accounts, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Youtube.
Don't forget to use these hashtags: #GetsuBox #KireiStation and you can tag us as well! Follow those easy steps and get a chance to win!

We are also currently hosting a giveaway on our Instagram account and there will be 2 lucky winners of our January Getsu Box. For more details, please check this link:


Hurry and purchase our January Getsu box now! Once it's sold out, it's gone forever so don't miss this chance!

Looking to buy Japanese products at a lower price?
We've got you covered!

Our weekend sale is on!
Existing members and new members can get 30% discount on all items storewide!
Tempting, right? You know what's even more tempting??
We are now offering EMS with 25% off!
Get your items in a faster and more secured way by availing our EMS shipping promo.
Our EMS discount is permanent meaning it will be there forever!

Here are the discount codes you will need to avail the promos:
Discount on all items - W30
EMs 25% Off - EMS25

Only one code can be used for every purchase.

Just a reminder that we are still taking orders for our December Getsu Box.
Accepting orders for the box will only be until the 30th of November.
Hurry and grab it now! You only have a few days left to avail it and it's something you surely don't want to miss.

There will be new Pokemon items coming to our store next week. Stay tuned!

Kirei Station Manager




What is Kirei Station Getsu Box?

Kirei Station Getsu (monthly) Box delivers unique Japanese products to you on a monthly subscription basis. All products are from a wide range of Japanese brands. There are a lot of Japanese products that works really well and are raved by the locals, some of them are often very affordable and convenient to use. Unfortunately, these products are not very easy for people overseas to get their hands on, hence the reason we decided to offer subscription boxes in our shop. Mainly to spread awareness of different brands and help other beauty enthusiasts find interesting and sometimes cute Japanese beauty products whether it is from a popular or  an unknown brand and also to make purchasing these products more accessible for anyone at a low cost. You might also find your holy grail products through our Getsu Box!

We offer two different boxes, a box for skincare and a box for cosmetics.

Since we are still on the experimenting stage, there will most likely be changes in the future, such as combining both skincare and cosmetics in one box to even providing a fun seasonal Japanese snack box which you can only find in Japan. Basically, we have a lot of plans for our Getsu box and we want to improve our service each month.

What will you receive?

We won't be revealing the name of the products you will receive as it will ruin the element of surprise and the purpose of it being a mystery box.
But since this will be the first box, we can give you some details about what you will get for the month of November.

For Skincare box, we will send you a curated box with a trial kit that usually contains 3-5 mini sized products, 2 full sized products, a mask and a Japanese snack.
The Cosmetics box will contain 3 full sized products, a mask and a snack.

Again, the products stated above are not permanent. There will be changes each month but we can assure you that one box will contain 5-8 items.

Price and Shipping

Each box costs $30 per month.
If you decide to get both boxes, you will receive special gifts. Yes, gifts.
Deadline for November is 10th of the month and it will be shipped on the same month.
A notice will be sent to you once we ship your box to your respective country.

We will also be giving you the option to subscribe to Getsu box for 3,6,9 to 12 months, special discount provided.

Shipping is on us of you decide to opt for SAL.
SAL - Free
Registered Airmail - $5
EMS - charged by weight

We hope to show you the best of Japanese beauty products with out Getsu Box!


-Kirei Station Manager-

Hello lovelies!
I'm so elated to say that  Kirei Station Manager is back! Hurray!
You will be getting updates from me again starting today!

For today,I will just give you a very brief intro about the products that my boss and I have decided to add in Kirei Station.
First off,  the masks!  Yes, masks. One for the face and one for the hair and both are very convenient and popular in Japan at the moment.


Let me first talk about the IT product, not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries like Taiwan and Singapore.
This hair mask is something every girl would love because it can make your hair look like you just went to the salon except you didn’t. But still, you will get that silky smooth manageable hair without spending way too much and with very minimum effort as well!
I'm talking about the Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask. Tsubaki hair products are already popular with the general public but the said premium hair mask jut made their reputation step up a notch.
You only need to use it twice a week and no need to wait for 10-15minutes before rinsing it. You can apply it and rinse it straight away. Air dry or blow dry it then say hello to your gorgeous salon like hair. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, the thing is.. it isn’t.  I haven’t tried it myself but my boss gave it a thumbs up. I will get my hands on this soon and let you know my thoughts.
Link to the product:

Moving onto the other mask.. This is also very popular in Japan because it is very convenient to use. It has a few variants and 2 of them snatched the first place in Cosme ranking! Now that’s something.
The Saborino Morning Mask! You can use it right after you wake up and you don't have to wait for 15-30 mins, you can just apply on your face for 60 seconds and your whole morning skincare routine is done!
Sounds interesting, right? Oh, I forgot to add that it also acts as a make up base. After removing the mask on your face you can just go ahead and apply your make up. It sounds even more ineteresting now, huh?
Link to the product:

But hey, can't just leave the house without sunscreen. That's where the other star product comes in, the Sana Pore Putty CC cream. They’re pretty late at the CC cream train but maybe we can just assume they spent their time brainstorming on how to make their CC cream better than anyone else. When it comes to skincare and make up, it’s always you’re mileage may vary. What works for me may not work for you, vice versa. This CC Cream, however, is in the Cosme ranking sunscreen department! The 4D Fit formulation will firmly cover pores, absorbing excess sebum, prevents dryness and will stay flawless for the whole day. Also, the Skin Stress Block will protect the skin from environmental stress such as dryness and UV rays. This is all you need for completing your base makeup. With hyaluronic acid combined for smooth, matte skin. This comes in 3 types, Natural Matte, Enrich Moist and Bright Up.
Link to the product:

We added a lot of new items that isn’t mentioned in this newsletter so go ahead and check Kirei Station now! You might just find something you like.
We also have a promotion this month where you can get Lululun face mask if you order a total of 50.
Have a great day everyone!

-Kirei Station Manager

Hi everyone!!!

Here is our Lucky Draw winner!!

Congratulations to our

First winner: Amanda Chan
Second winner : Mitchell Thomas-Reilly
Third Winner: Ashley Nicollette

Thank you for trusting Kirei Station as your beauty care provider!!

Hello Everyone!!

THREE has release New LImited Item..
1 Person only available to buy 1 Limited Item. (Written in their Website)
Grab it now!!

Hi everyone!!

We are doing a Lucky Draw start from 20 May- 31May
Get yourself to win a price with every purchase USD80.00 and above.
Let us know which area we need to improve !!

First Price: Shiseido Haku Face Mask which is USD 111.00 with USD50.00 rebate coupon
Second Price: Melvita Rose Lotion 3 x 50ml with USD 30.00 Rebate coupon
Third Price : Minon Face Mask with USD 10.00 rebate coupon

Thank you

Kirei Station
We temporarily removed Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap on our shop due to problems in shipping. Customs is being strict about it but it will be available for purchase again once the problem has been solved. We will be sending refunds for those who have purchased it if ever they don't allow it to be shipped overseas.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience we may have caused.
Have a great day everyone!


We prepared another sale to celebrate the new season!
Get 25% off on all products excluding Fall collections and limited edition items.
To get 10% discount on Fall collection, enter FALL10 on the coupon code area when you check out.
For more detailed information, visit: