Raved products are now available!

Hello lovelies!
I'm so elated to say that  Kirei Station Manager is back! Hurray!
You will be getting updates from me again starting today!

For today,I will just give you a very brief intro about the products that my boss and I have decided to add in Kirei Station.
First off,  the masks!  Yes, masks. One for the face and one for the hair and both are very convenient and popular in Japan at the moment.


Let me first talk about the IT product, not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries like Taiwan and Singapore.
This hair mask is something every girl would love because it can make your hair look like you just went to the salon except you didn’t. But still, you will get that silky smooth manageable hair without spending way too much and with very minimum effort as well!
I'm talking about the Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask. Tsubaki hair products are already popular with the general public but the said premium hair mask jut made their reputation step up a notch.
You only need to use it twice a week and no need to wait for 10-15minutes before rinsing it. You can apply it and rinse it straight away. Air dry or blow dry it then say hello to your gorgeous salon like hair. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, the thing is.. it isn’t.  I haven’t tried it myself but my boss gave it a thumbs up. I will get my hands on this soon and let you know my thoughts.
Link to the product: http://www.kirei-station.com/product/761

Moving onto the other mask.. This is also very popular in Japan because it is very convenient to use. It has a few variants and 2 of them snatched the first place in Cosme ranking! Now that’s something.
The Saborino Morning Mask! You can use it right after you wake up and you don't have to wait for 15-30 mins, you can just apply on your face for 60 seconds and your whole morning skincare routine is done!
Sounds interesting, right? Oh, I forgot to add that it also acts as a make up base. After removing the mask on your face you can just go ahead and apply your make up. It sounds even more ineteresting now, huh?
Link to the product: http://www.kirei-station.com/product/782

But hey, can't just leave the house without sunscreen. That's where the other star product comes in, the Sana Pore Putty CC cream. They’re pretty late at the CC cream train but maybe we can just assume they spent their time brainstorming on how to make their CC cream better than anyone else. When it comes to skincare and make up, it’s always you’re mileage may vary. What works for me may not work for you, vice versa. This CC Cream, however, is in the Cosme ranking sunscreen department! The 4D Fit formulation will firmly cover pores, absorbing excess sebum, prevents dryness and will stay flawless for the whole day. Also, the Skin Stress Block will protect the skin from environmental stress such as dryness and UV rays. This is all you need for completing your base makeup. With hyaluronic acid combined for smooth, matte skin. This comes in 3 types, Natural Matte, Enrich Moist and Bright Up.
Link to the product: http://www.kirei-station.com/product/781

We added a lot of new items that isn’t mentioned in this newsletter so go ahead and check Kirei Station now! You might just find something you like.
We also have a promotion this month where you can get Lululun face mask if you order a total of 50.
Have a great day everyone!

-Kirei Station Manager