Kirei Station's Getsu Box

What is Kirei Station Getsu Box?

Kirei Station Getsu (monthly) Box delivers unique Japanese products to you on a monthly subscription basis. All products are from a wide range of Japanese brands. There are a lot of Japanese products that works really well and are raved by the locals, some of them are often very affordable and convenient to use. Unfortunately, these products are not very easy for people overseas to get their hands on, hence the reason we decided to offer subscription boxes in our shop. Mainly to spread awareness of different brands and help other beauty enthusiasts find interesting and sometimes cute Japanese beauty products whether it is from a popular or  an unknown brand and also to make purchasing these products more accessible for anyone at a low cost. You might also find your holy grail products through our Getsu Box!

We offer two different boxes, a box for skincare and a box for cosmetics.

Since we are still on the experimenting stage, there will most likely be changes in the future, such as combining both skincare and cosmetics in one box to even providing a fun seasonal Japanese snack box which you can only find in Japan. Basically, we have a lot of plans for our Getsu box and we want to improve our service each month.

What will you receive?

We won't be revealing the name of the products you will receive as it will ruin the element of surprise and the purpose of it being a mystery box.
But since this will be the first box, we can give you some details about what you will get for the month of November.

For Skincare box, we will send you a curated box with a trial kit that usually contains 3-5 mini sized products, 2 full sized products, a mask and a Japanese snack.
The Cosmetics box will contain 3 full sized products, a mask and a snack.

Again, the products stated above are not permanent. There will be changes each month but we can assure you that one box will contain 5-8 items.

Price and Shipping

Each box costs $30 per month.
If you decide to get both boxes, you will receive special gifts. Yes, gifts.
Deadline for November is 10th of the month and it will be shipped on the same month.
A notice will be sent to you once we ship your box to your respective country.

We will also be giving you the option to subscribe to Getsu box for 3,6,9 to 12 months, special discount provided.

Shipping is on us of you decide to opt for SAL.
SAL - Free
Registered Airmail - $5
EMS - charged by weight

We hope to show you the best of Japanese beauty products with out Getsu Box!


-Kirei Station Manager-