Sale Alert + New Items

Hello everyone!

I'm bringing in good news today!
We will be having a 20% off sale on all items starting tomorrow until the 3rd of February.

A lot of skincare products have been added to the shop, these brands you may have not heard of before but it might be worth the try.

Here are the brands we added

Hadauru -
Moisturization is the most basic part of skin care for women, and that's what we emphasize in this series. Our focus in designing this line was to be easy on the skin as we help it retain moisture. These are products that you can use every day so that your skin stays moist and begins to take on new suppleness. Formulations are designed to minimize irritation for women with sensitive skin.

Leaf and Botanics -
This brand fruitfully brings the goodness of plants to your skin and your heart. Each of the items in this line, whether it be extracts containing the useful ingredients found in fruits and leaves or natural essential oils that embody the essential aromas of plants, provides different features and feels depending on your washing and care needs. They are a moment of calm and relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Kuramoto Bijin -
This series is made of skin-beautifying ingredients, such as Sanran's sake lees left over from sake production and oriental plant extracts. It is the ultimate balance of blended plant extract.

To see all the new products that have been added, go to this link:

Daiso toners and Muji products will be added tonight!
Expect more products to be added during the sale period, like the new Biore sunscreen and spring collections.

Another reason not to miss the sale is because we will be giving away 3 Minon Milk Face Mask.
It's a new mask that has captured the hearts of skin care lovers here in Japan despite it being newly released.
It was available for purchase here last January 22.
For those who do not know, Minon brand is popular among people with sensitive skin and it is also recommended by dermatologists here.

Thank you!

-Kirei Station Manager