Free Shipping: IMPORTANT

Good day everyone!
We always remind customers in e-mails that we are not going to be held responsible for lost parcels that are shipped via SAL.
Why? Because SAL doesn't include a tracking number hence why we won't be able to file a case for it in our local post office because for us to do so we will have to present a tracking number.
We've had very few complaints regarding SAL shipping but most of them received their products after a month hence why we tell customers to wait a bit more. We understand your frustration, if you want to avoid such situations please choose a shipping method that includes a tracking number.

This is also why after your purchase, we send another e-mail to remind you about the risk of opting for SAL shipping.
Such e-mail is sent to give you another chance to choose a much better and safer shipping method in which you have to pay for but in return you are guaranteed to get a tracking number.
In case your order got lost, we have a tracking number to present to the post office and they can track it for us.

If the post office confirmed that your parcel is indeed nowhere to be found, we will give you 3 options.
1.) A full refund, 2.) we will send your order again or 3.) the amount of your order will be converted to store points so you can choose the products you want in case you changed your mind about a certain product in your order.

Please do understand that we can't control shipping couriers.
We would also really appreciate it if you do not talk to us rudely and demand us to give you a tracking number or tell us we are being unreasonable for not giving you one if you choose SAL because the said shipping option doesn't include one. We never failed to remind you the risk of the said shipping option.
We are hoping for your understanding and patience.
Thank you and have a great day!