NOV Moisture Cream III

NOV Moisture Cream III

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NOV Moisture Cream III

Moist and rich feel in, given the moisture in the skin, trim smooth body moisturizer

Consider the barrier function of the skin and moisturizing ingredients: ceramide 3 natural ceramide moisturizer cream. Colorant, fragrance, hypoallergenic

■ pharmaceutical products
■ moisturizing cream
■ space-units:45 g
■ Tokiwa pharmaceutical manufacturing

All the components

Active ingredient: Stearyl glycyrrhetinate
Other ingredients: water, concentrated Glycerin, squalane, BG, vaseline, Behenyl alcohol, jojoba oil, Dimethicone, Tetra 2-ethylhexanoate acid ペンタエリトリット, glyceryl stearate parent oil type, decaglycerol Mono-acid デカグリセリル, hyaluronic acid Na-2, hydrolyzed silk, N-ステアロイルフィトスフィンゴシン, arginine, carboxyvinyl polymer and hinokitiol and soft lanolin fatty acid cholesteryl, phenoxyethanol

How to use
Pearl grain much spread over the entire face.

Size: 45g
Made in Japan

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