Canmake Lip Tint Matte

Canmake Lip Tint Matte

Price: US$14.10

Canmake Lip Tint Matte

[01] Coral
The classic shade for capturing hearts! Coral, for a sophisticated look.
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A single coat gives it the starring role in your make-up! Red, for a fashionable look.

[03] Rose
Rose, for a soft, gentle, feminine air.

Long-lasting tinted formulation
Radiant matte lip color with a true-color finish
Contains 10 moisturizing agents
Radiant color with a true-color finish
True-color matte finish
● The smooth fluid spreads evenly and clings to your lips.
● Creates bright matte lips with a true-color finish that looks just like the shade in the tube.
● Firm tip makes getting the perfect sharp lip line simple!
● Dries quickly without stickiness straight after application, so you can enjoy beautiful lip make-up without worrying about hair or clothing fibers sticking to your lips.

Choose between full matte and soft matte effects by varying the amount
● Apply the fluid generously for a full matte effect or use just a little for a soft matte look! You can adjust the amount you apply to get the look you want.

Apply the necessary amount to your lips, just like using an ordinary lip gloss.
The color will be fixed firmly in place within a few minutes of application.
* The precise color will vary between individuals.

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