Vegie Gold Enzyme Collagen R

Vegie Gold Enzyme Collagen R

Price: US$27.00

180 kinds of vegetable fruit enzymes and pure gold.

Fragrance free, unsweetened, no preservatives, zero fat.

Collagen (deprived from fish) 5000mg
Dextrin, powder of cereal fermented extract powder, fermented wild plant extract powder (dextrin, wild grass fermented extract (oligosaccharide, sugar, sugar beet sugar, wormwort, octopus, brown sugar, Dokudami, honey, ginseng etc.)), plant fermented dry powder (Pufferia, Rosemary, Cutuva, Purple Ipe, Catsukuro, etc.), cereals (cereals), cereals (dextrin, brown sugar, fruits and vegetables (oranges, pineapples, bananas, apples, papayas, guava, carrots, kiwi fruits, Seaweed (seaweed, seaweed, seaweed), honey), plant fermented extract (dextrin, sugar beet sugar, sugar beet, sugar beet), brown rice, kidney beans, corn, oats, barley, peas, cashew nuts, black sesame, millet, Brown sugar, malt sugar, wormwood, rice, dawn, lotus leaf, ginseng, Sensi Ren, Otogiri grass, striped bamboo, dandelion root, Ganoderma lucidum, Amachadzu citrus, leek of leek, psyllium, licorice, pine needle, leaves of southern sky, amadorokoro, glutinous tuna, zuna, maca, tongkat ali, hub grass, pigeon, horse chestnut, loquat leaf, loquat seed, wolfberry, wolfberry, wolfberry Leaves, ginkgo biloba, giant leaves, fig leaves, safflower, golden brown, enemy grass, moroheiya, giant leaves, persimmon leaves, wolfberry leaves, persimmon leaves, chamomile, carin, shiso leaves, mulberry leaves, megslyi trees, , Roots of chinese, jujube, matatabi, seeds of Ebisu grass,Red ginseng, Agaricus, Ruibosu, Amura fruit, onion hull, Salacia, cat's claw, plum, Japanese citron, fig, mandarin, pineapple, apple, grape, melon, lemon, grapefruit, apricot, chili, ginger, shiitake, carrot, onions , Parsley, cabbage, burdock, bean sprout, garlic, kelp, funeral, soybean, coriander, green pepper, yam, spinach, green bean, lily of roses, black bean, asparagus, Pure gold colloid / thickening stabilizer (carboxymethyl cellulose sodium), sodium bicarbonate (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), sodium bicarbonate (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), papaya, pear, banana, loquat, guava, star fruit, Rembu, passion fruit, rye gum, honeysuckle, hibiscus, , (In part, Including wheat, soybeans, gelatin, yam, sesame seeds, apples, oranges, bananas, kiwi fruit, cashew nut)

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