Fancl And Mirai Skin Up Gel Cream

Fancl And Mirai Skin Up Gel Cream

Price: US$37.25

Fancl And Mirai

In the morning and at night, this is all you need after applying lotion. A gel cream with 4 functions (emulsion, beauty serum, face pack and primer). While it provides moisture as an emulsion, it also protects your bare skin from dryness due to blue light at night as a face pack, recharging the beauty ingredients intensively. Promotes smooth skin for a better makeup wear in the morning. If you want to increase the face packing effect, push twice for a plenty amount, and glide it evenly as if wrapping your skin. After that, rinse it for a smooth finish that you can actually feel. Has a fresh scent of lemon that uplifts your mood. Contains no added fragrance and preservatives (parabens).

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