Rosette Owncera Repair Film

Rosette Owncera Repair Film

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Rosette Owncera Repair Film
Sticks fast to skin and envelops it in a protective layer to hydrate and combat dryness

Owncera Repair Film

Moisturizing cream with natural ceramides*1 to protect your skin from dryness.
Rich, dense cream sticks fast to dry skin, locking in moisture and leaving it dewy, hydrated, and smooth.

Unique Ceramide Film® technology seals in moisture!
We’ve taken natural ceramides*1 and combined them with moisturizing ingredients, using our unique technology to transform them into a thin film. This revolutionary film creates a membrane that is almost like an ultra-thin layer of skin itself, making it impossible for moisture to escape. Offers long-lasting protection for dry skin to prevent damage and roughness.

Rapidly absorbs into even the driest skin
Dense, emulsified cream sticks fast to skin, using something called a lamellar liquid crystal structure to mimic the structure of the outer skin layer. Penetrates deep into every crevice for rapid absorption and hydration.

Helps skin produce its own ceramides
In addition to delivering natural ceramides, Owncera Repair Film supports the production of ceramides with fermented Job’s tears liquid (moisturizing agent). This special formula enhances skin’s natural hydrating ability.

Enhances the elasticity and bounce naturally lost with age
Contains ceramide-derived lifting ingredients*2 for flexible, resilient skin.
Also features ingredients*3 that offer penetrating collagen plus support for collagen production.
This dual replenishing-plus-production effect treats loss of elasticity and other skin problems that come with age.

Hypoallergenic*4: Weakly acidic. Zero fragrances, colors, or mineral oil.
No alcohol, parabens, or petroleum surfactant agents.

*1Skin protectant
*2Ceracute® (skin protectant)
*3Moisturizing agent
*4Allgery tested. Note that some users may still experience irritation from allergy-tested products.

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