EXCEL Silent Cover Concealer

EXCEL Silent Cover Concealer

Price: US$24.30

Silent Cover Concealer

This 3-shade concealer palette has a non-crease, highly adhesive formula. The 3 colors can be blended to match any skin color, for flawlessly beautiful skin. Can be used separately or blended. Mix and match for any skin color. The non-crease formula and thick texture help the concealer stay in place. Even after hours, it does not settle into fine lines around the eyes, nose, or mouth. It can be applied with pinpoint accuracy thanks to the original double-sided brush. A Brown Beige: covers age spots, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. B Orange Beige: helps color correct and brighten blue dark circles. C Light Beige: can be layered over A or B, or mixed for the perfect shade. Also for cancelling redness around the nose.

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