Bioré Skin Care Face Wash 5 Types

Bioré Skin Care Face Wash 5 Types

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Skin Care Face Wash


Scrub-in Pink
# 16 at LDK Magazine Ranking for Face Wash

For All Skin Types
Accumulated oil, impurities and dead skin celss can clog pores and make your skin look rough, dull and lifeless. Reveal healthy, glowing skin with this cleansing scrub that is gentle enough for daily use.
Ultra fine beads remove impurities and unclog pores
Skin feels clean, smooth and refined after every use

Deep Clear Purple

For Oily Skin
Oily skin requires a gentle yet purifying cleanser that will help to deeply cleanse dirt and oil from the pores and reduce extra sebum. Newly improved foam quality, provides creamy and dense foam that spreads easily. Also, improved Skin Purifying Technology is milder and helps to prevent loss of moisture from the skin during cleansing.

Mild Blue
For Normal to Combination Skin
Combination skin needs a mild and gentle cleanser that effectively cleanses the oily areas on the forehead and nose (T-zone) without drying the normal or dry areas around the cheeks and chin (U-zone).
Mild formula protects skin's natural pH balance
Skin feels softer and smoother after every use

Acne Care Green
For Blemish Prone Skin
Skin that is troubled by acne needs a purifying and mild cleanser that thoroughly clears and helps prevent acne without drying skin out.
Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation ingredient to aid acne prevention
Skin feels fresh, smooth and comfortable

Extra Moist Orange
For Dry, Dehydrated Skin
Dry, dehydrated skin needs a creamy and gentle cleanser that softly cleansers without irritating skin and provides moisture to the dry, flaky areas.
Smooth moisture cream texture spreads easily on skin
Skin feels supple and comfortable with no tightness after every use

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