Alface+ Twinkle Black Pack of 5

Alface+ Twinkle Black Pack of 5

Price: US$17.80

Alface+ Twinkle Black Pack of 5

Aqua Moisture Sheet Mask

This soft, non-stress mask quickly solves dehydration. This revolutionary sheet mask feels gentle on the skin, with a highly moisturizing power that penetrates deep into the skin. Twinkleblack is a long-awaited anti-aging care line that contains fullerene. In addition to 17 kinds of highly permeable amino acids, it also contains fullerene, 5 berry ingredients, vitamin C derivative, and honey. The combined effects of fullerenes and berry ingredients make your skin glow. The thick, black bamboo charcoal sheet adheres closely to the skin, delivering rich moisturizing essences. It reduces dullness and clears out the pores.

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