Jill Stuart Keep & Oil Control Makeup Setting Mist

Jill Stuart Keep & Oil Control Makeup Setting Mist

Price: US$30.80

Jill Stuart Keep & Oil Control Makeup Setting Mist

Point(1) Won't change your makeup finish
Easy finish
This fine mist forms a layer to keep makeup in place,
forming a protective layer that won’t change your foundation finish.

Point(2) Makes your makeup last and last!
Non-sticky and non-irritating
We’ve developed Lasting Veil Agent to match your skin's features.
Forms an even, soft veil that doesn’t feel sticky or clog your skin,
to keep your makeup in place comfortably.

Point(3) Formulated with moisturising ingredients
Formulated with Rich Moisture Agent and moisturizers.
Also formulated with Lasting Veil Agent to wrap the other ingredients
making all hydrating ingredients last.

Makeup Setting Mist: how it works

A: Lasting Veil Agent
B: Rich Moisture Agent and moisturizers
C: Makeup (foundation, eyeshadow, eyebrow product and mascara)
Mist to sustain hydration and makeup finish with just one spray

Product features:
・Setting mist to improve makeup wear by increasing adhesion to the skin with a single spray, when setting your base makeup or any time during the day.
・Fine mist tightens problematic pores while creating a natural veil to gently protect skin.
・Inhibits shine while making the skin feel moisturized, so doesn’t compromise foundation finish.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Hold about 15cm from your face to finish your makeup. Close your eyes and mouth then spray directly onto the face about 10 times.
Let dry on the skin without touching after spraying.

Beauty essences:
・Contains peony extract, chamomilla recutita extract, baby mint extract, hibiscus extract, hamamelis extract and butylene glycol (moisturizers)
・Lasting Veil Agent
・Rich Moisture Agent
*Peony extract is paeonia suffruticosa root extract, chamomilla recutita extract is chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, baby mint extract is mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf extract, hibiscus extract is hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract, hamamelis extract is hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract, Lasting Veil Agent is AMP-acrylates/C1-18 alkyl acrylate/C1-8 alkyl acrylamide copolymer, and Rich Moisture Agent is PEG-8.

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