Haba Deep Moist Serum 30mL

Haba Deep Moist Serum 30mL

Price: US$48.38

This highly moisturizing essence guides dry, dull skin with a two-step, instant-absorption step which locks moisture in and delivers it deep into the skin to moisturize. Harbor's original hyaluronic acid emulsification and ceramide multi nano-capsule gently holds moisture, sustaining its moisturizing effect for a long time. In addition, the cedar bud extract, peony root flower extract, glyceryl glucoside, Sakurami extract (Satozakura flower extract / sake cake extract (using yeast derived from double cherry)) contained in the ceramide multi-nano-capsule are filled with moisture, restoring health to your skin. Contains no preservatives, paraben, petroleum-based surfactant, mineral oil, tar pigment, and synthetic fragrance in addition to its non-additive formulation. Furthermore, it contains no ethanol, for a non-irritating formula that is also usable on sensitive. Allergy tested. (Not guaranteed allergy-free for all users).

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