Canmake Nose Shadow Powder

Canmake Nose Shadow Powder

Price: US$13.40

A combination of a highlighter color and a shading color that blend in well with your skin ♥
Highlighter color: A pearl white containing white pearl and delicate lamé particles.
The diffuse reflection of light makes your nose look better-defined in an instant.
☆ The highlighter color can also be used as an ordinary highlighter, under your eyes or on your chin.
Shading color: A matte, light brown with no pearl or lamé particles.
Creates natural-looking shadows that accentuate the height of your nose.
Contains anti-shine powder
・As time goes on, your nose becomes shinier and shinier....
This product contains anti-shine powder, to prevent this problem by absorbing excess sebum.
Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents to care for your skin ♥
・Contains aloe vera leaf extract (moisturizing agent) and chamomile flower extract (agent that prevents rough skin)


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