Hythiol-C Premiere

Hythiol-C Premiere

Price: US$54.60

In Japanese's eyes, keeping skin white is not that easy as just take the skincare, for some people, you need to work with some great beauty supplement, which is a very big market in local Japan.

This famous No. 1 selling HYTHIOL-C Premiere Whitening Tablets is the product which lightens the complexion, fades spots, and maintains healthy translucent skin. It contains a variety of pure ingredients, such as L-Cysteine, vitamin C, Calcium pantothenate, and much more. Those ingredients work together in a complicated mechansim and it helps maintain your skin beauty.

Recommended to take for 3 months in order to get an obvious result*.

Size: 120capsules
Company: SSP Co., Ltd. (エスエス製薬株式会社)
Made in Japan

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