Suntory Milcolla Collagen

Suntory Milcolla Collagen

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2015 New Formula Suntory Milcolla Collagen
The beautifying power of low molecular weight collagen and milk ceramide Milcolla!

As ageing occurs the time also comes to be proactive in taking care of physical beauty. Suntory presents an easy one-spoon-a-day beauty supplement for moist skin with a youthful like flexibility with Milcolla’s soft collagen and moist milk cream formulation.

For those with skin concerns as they age
For those who desire flexible and moist skin daily.
For skin that looks eternally youthful
An easy collagen supplement
For those who have been looking for an easy beauty regiment.

Contains no artificial coloring of fragrances
Powder type
Taking collagen with your regular meals can be difficult but with one spoon of Suntory’s Milcolla collagen supplement beauty powder you easily receive 5000mg .

Typical collagen is has very large molecular weight making it difficult to absorb. With that thought in mind, Milcolla was created. With Milcolla’s easy to absorb small size you can take in approximately 60 times the amount of collagen as other collagen sources.

Beauty loss in old age is a necessary concern, however you can’t loose with the strong proactive support of this beauty formulated supplement. Make a habit of Milcolla.

In each spoonful, you receive collagen peptide, milk ceramide, and the added beauty support of vitamin C, milk calcium, and vegetation based lactic-acid bacilli.

Mix in with a beverage or food of your choice.

Made in Japan

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