Pola White Shot Inner Lock IX

Pola White Shot Inner Lock IX

Price: US$190.20

POLA White Shot Inner Lock IX 180 Tablets is skin whitening supplement which suppress the generation of melanin and prevents stains and freckles. It gives you visibly fairer skin.

Ingredients: Graulated sugar, Indokinoki extract, reduced maltose syrup, powdered starch syrup, long pepper, crystalline cellulose, eggshell calcium, vitamin C, calcium carbonate, vitamin E, sucrose esters, gelatin, talc, shellac. Direction: 2 tablets per day with water (please do not chewing)

How to Use:
2 drops a day, please drink with water without chewing.
Pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised to consult their doctors before consuming any supplement.

SIZE: 180 Tablets (for 3 months)

Made in Japan. Genuine Product.

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