KINOMEGUMI Foot Care Relax Sheet

KINOMEGUMI Foot Care Relax Sheet

Price: US$20.80

After standing and walking for a whole day, we all have tired feet at the end of the day. KINOMEGUMI understands we all want to relieve the tensed muscles of our feet, so the natural Foot Care Relax Sheet is generated to cater our needs.

The Foot Care Relax Sheet consists of natural ingredients such as bamboo sap and vitamin C, which are originated from Japan to nurture the skin.

Applying during sleeping time, the sheet is discolored to brown by water supply force of bamboo sap powder in the next morning. It gives your feet a comfortable experience, along with the relaxing aroma. The feet are incredibly soft and refreshed again, and you will be greeted a clean pleasant morning.

How to Use:
1.Apply on foot before sleep. First, clean the skin of feet.
2.Place the print surface of the natural sap sheet to the adhesive surface of the fixed pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet.
3.Paste it into areas of the sheet in the back and stick onto the feet.
4.Remove in the morning. Use tissue or water to clear the skin.

30pcs / 280g


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