Night diet enzyme

Night diet enzyme

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Food medicine night diet enzyme 232 type It ferments food supplement Weight Loss
120 grain
Using the 232 type of fermentation material, it is the birth of the enzyme to support the clean-Slim diet.
From the inside added to the "232 types of plant fermentation extract" + "yeast-malt" to support the clean-Slim diet. Four of the amino acid was balanced mix. Night, please try before you rest.

If you enjoy: 2 to 4 tablets a guide one day, please enjoy without chewing with water or lukewarm water.

2 tablets (620mg) per
Energy 2.55kcal, protein 0.31g, fat 0.03g, carbohydrates 0.28g, sodium 0.40g, L- ornithine hydrochloride 100mg, L- citrulline 100mg, L- arginine 40mg, L- lysine 10m

Made in Japan

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