Lululun Plus

Lululun Plus

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Lululun is one of the most famous Japanese brands doing facial sheet masks. It has been recommended by many Japanese models and magazines! Gentle formula suitable for all skin types while giving effective results. This new series is named as Lululun PLUS presenting 10 different types of single piece of mask. 5 of them are formulated with botanical extracts and the other 5 are formulated with aroma oil. These are Bulgarian Rose, Japanese Yuzu, Sage from France, Lavender from France, Lemongrass from India, Japanese Yuzu, Sunflower from Switzerland, Manuka Honey from New Zealand, Silk from Thailand, Seaweed from France and Japanese Red Fruit. They all features different effects that will meet your skin types and your needs. Honey- It is enriched with effective natural healing substances, which leaves the skin plumped up and exceptionally smooth right from the first application.

How to use:
Apply to face after cleansing and toning, leave it for 10-15 minutes then take it off follow by normal skincare routine.

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