Sofina IP Bikatsu Power Mousse

Sofina IP Bikatsu Power Mousse

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The Sofina IP Bikatsu Power Mousse has been voted as the best cosmetics product for 2016 1st half by the buyers of department stores cosmetics floor in Japan. The reason of its popularity are:

the concept: build a healthy and beautiful skin from the foundation, the base. So it is to be used even before the lotion, as the first product to be used in skincare routine.
it’s a carbonated formula: the micro bubbles (about 10µm) penetrate the skin and enhances the blood circulation and improves the turnover.
the results: it’s a true healing to the skin that is dehydrated especially in summer by the heat and A/C is hardened and has an uneven complexion. This product alone provides moisture and bounce to the skin but also improves the penetration of the lotion applied afterwards.

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