Visee Avant Marbling Eye Color

Visee Avant Marbling Eye Color

Price: US$20.00

1. Metallic color x deep color, creates 3 dimensional gradation with deep color and add depth. A marble type eye color that you can enjoy coloring yourself.
2. Pearl glows in metallic when you put it with fingers, and matte if attached with a brush. You can arrange to your liking.
3. Metallic colors and shapes are images of the universe. It is a fascinating design.
4. Unique baked-recipe, coloring with good spreadability and sheer sense. A thin, uniform film of plate-like powder fits the eyelid and finishes as an eye with glossyness in a single paint.
5. By blending oil and wax, it is good to skin. It is powdery but moist and comfortable to use.
6. No fragrance.

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