ACSEINE Moistbalance Lotion

ACSEINE Moistbalance Lotion

Price: US$56.00

No. 2 in Cosme 2017 Ranking

Permeates to the skin instantly. The fresh texture does not feel sticky and maintains the skin with overfilling moisture as a long lasting lotion. The "ultra fine nano capsule technology" achives the smallest size in the industry. Moisturizing ingredients are ultra fine and combined. It retains moisture to every corner of the skin for long lasting moisture. "Cell Bounce" technology will plump each skin cell. When used for a longer period, it pulls out the skin's natural clarity, brightness and firmness. By catching moisture on the skin surface (hyaluronic acid), it traps moisture in the stratum corneum (glycerine). Feel the long lasting moisture with your skin. Hypoallergenic. No fragrance, color, alcohol (ethanol). Non-comedogenic tested. *At 10-30nm in size, the Ultra Micro Nano Capsules are smaller than the gaps between the cells in the stratum corneum (40-60nm).

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