Flow Fushi The Eyecream

Flow Fushi The Eyecream

Price: US$34.00

No. 3 in Cosme 2017 Ranking

This is an eye cream to ease and release the tension built up around the eyes. It focuses on tense muscles around the eyes and in the temples caused by stress from overusing PC and smartphones. By blending and massaging, it promotes blood circulation to loosen the muscles. Rich in brand original serum ingredient, End Mineral R, 3 peptides and vitamin C. Retains moisture with high permeability and longevity with 3 plant oils and dense shea butter. The plant oils will deliver moisture to every corner of the skin, while the rich shea butter of 38 degrees melting point softly shields the skin. It will moisturize the skin until the next morning for gentle, soft eyes. It features high quality beauty ingredients but with a reasonable price.

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