CEZANNE Powder Eyebrow R

CEZANNE Powder Eyebrow R

Price: US$11.32

No. 3 in Cosme Ranking!
Eyebrow Category

A combination of dark and light shades, offered in a cake type that ensures a natural finish.

Particulate powder: The dewy micro-particulate powder smoothly spreads and adheres to your skin without becoming powdery.
Dual ends application tip: This applicator has a large tip that naturally gradates the color especially in the inner corner of the eyebrow and an extra small tip that allows you to draw in the outer corner of the eyebrow and the area with thin hairs.
You can easily draw your eyebrows just with this applicator.

Dual ends application tip for drawing beautiful eyebrows just by it.

Take the powder onto the chip and spread to fill the thinly haired part. Apply the dark color to the outer end of the eyebrow and the light color to the peak for a natural, three-dimensional look

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