IPSA Designing Face Color Palette

IPSA Designing Face Color Palette

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No. 3 in 2017 Cosme Rankings
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New formula. 15 type. A four-in- one color palette to upgrade your blush game; use the different shades for highlighting, contouring, and perfecting with a translucent finish. Changes your impression with calculated colors and texture with the best balance shadows. The colors will brighten your complexion. We concentrated on the importance of "shadows" and attempted to create colored eyeshadows with depth. So, we perfected 4 shades with the color and texture, to match each person's skin. Anyone can perfect their eyeshadow using this palette with ease. 7.2g.


Decode your own contour. Choose from one of our 15 shades* based on your skin tone and cheek color.

OR: For skin that is prone to redness
PK: For skin that is evenly toned
RD: For pale skin
*Also try pairing from the 27 shades of Face Color EX base on your own need.

How to use


Apply to your cheek bone’s smile point, where a line from the tip of your nose and a line from the outer corner of your eye visually intersect
Brush evenly upwards along the cheekbone


Apply along the forehead and T-zone
Apply beneath the outer eyebrow
Apply below the lower lashline
Apply above the lips, from peak to outer points


Apply along the apples of the cheeks
Apply along the edges of the lips


Apply along the cheekbone from the ear to the chip in a zigzag motion
Apply along the jawline from the chin to ear, to create a lifting effect
Create soft shadows by applying to the neck
Apply to the inner lower brow

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