ADDICTION The Eyeshadow

ADDICTION The Eyeshadow

Price: US$28.90

No. 1 in 2017 Cosme Rankings
Eyeshadow Category

Introducing 120 shades of eyeshadow, all at once.
A superb color collection, because it’s ADDICTION.

With a generous range of 9 basic colors,
for beautifully delicate gradations and texture.
An expression of a world that is uniquely AYAKO,
in 99 basic yet original colors like you’ve never seen before.
■Fragrance free.


Apply the chosen eyeshadow with a sponge tip applicator or brush around the eyes.

■Silky (S):New-sensation texture that lightly colors with a delicate hint of pearl.
Swathes your skin in a veil, with a signature silky texture like you’ve never felt before!
Has a high level of translucence, with a distinctive delicate pearly look, like a veil shrouding your eyes.
■Matte (M):High opacity, a non-pearl matte finish that won’t disguise the true nature of the color.
We’ve chosen the perfect base for each coloring,
and have created a selection of finishes, like opaque and translucent, powdery and hydrating.
■Pearl (P): From delicate to rich, a generous selection of pearl finishes. And we’ve used the perfect base depending on each type of pearl finish.
A lasting beautiful finish that is both pearly and coloring.
Our pearl finishes are further divided into lustrous, wet, and translucent finishes.
■Metallic(ME):Featuring the shimmer of pearl and lame pigments, this finish is metallic and lustrous.
Melds strongly with the skin, for a lasting metallic finish.

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