Bifesta Cleansing Balm Hot Type 150G

Bifesta Cleansing Balm Hot Type 150G

Price: US$17.80

Bifesta Cleansing Balm Hot Type

Warmly melting balm easily removes dirt from pores!

The highly adhesive balm, blending well with makeup and gentle on skin,
thoroughly removes makeup, sebum and dirt while softly blending with them and dissolving them.
The balm becomes warmer once applied on skin.
Its warmth softens rough skin surface, letting dirt trapped in pores out.
Carefully massaging skin with the slowly warming balm
improves blood circulation and results in well-moisturized lustrous skin.
Generous content of beauty enhancing ingredients for skin that is soft,
smooth, and beautiful!

Containing generous quantities of beauty enhancing ingredients,
the balm makes skin soft, beautiful and well-moisturized without straining.
With adhesive hyaluronic acid and natural orange oil contained
as moisturizing ingredients, the balm keeps skin well-moisturized.
Wash-away type. No need for a second wash
Containing sebum-dissolving ingredient (ethoxydiglycol)

Fragrance free

Colorant free

Preservative -free

Skin patch tested
* This does not guarantee that the product will not cause any skin irritation to any user.

* Be sure that the skin is trouble-free when using the product. Do not use on scarred, eczematous or otherwise troubled skin. In case of irritation, discoloration (or white spots), blackening or other abnormal conditions, stop use immediately and consult a dermatologist.
* Close your eyes and avoid contact with the eyes. If balm gets into your eyes and you feel any abnormality (e.g. blurred vision), rinse off immediately. If abnormality (blurred vision, etc.) persists, consult an ophthalmologist (eye doctor).
* Eyelash extensions may come off due to cleansing factors or friction.
* Do not store in a hot or cold place; keep away from direct sunlight.
* Keep out of children's reach.
* Do not keep in the bathroom while the bathroom dehumidifier is on.

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